Digital Manipulation – creating a unique image

Diverse design’s digital manipulation service allows us to make use of the latest graphic techniques to create a one-off unique piece of artwork, or to correct and restore from original digital  image files or photographs.

We offer a professional service at a highly competitive rate.

Digital ManipulationDigital photo manipulation services include:

  • adjusting saturation, colour balance, contrast brightness and density
  • removing or inserting backgrounds
  • changing colour images or photographs to grayscale black and white or sepia toned
  • correcting underexposure
  • image filtering, distortion or warping
  • naturalising and even skin tones and smooth skin
  • removing logos and watermarks
  • removing noise, dust and scratches from an image or photograph
  • removing unwanted people or obtrusive background objects
  • retouch any blemishes, freckles, scars or other imperfections
  • sharpen and define blurred images or photographs

Digital photo illustration

We can create and design various types of digital illustration solutions turning images into diverse, contemporary and unique pieces of artwork, for your personal or business identity. Our skills include:

  • additional text or signatures
  • additional frames and borders
  • additional new background or colour
  • cartoon illustrations from images
  • creating posters from digital images
  • digital photo montage
  • fantasy illustration
  • traditional painted effects
  • vectorised illustration

Image enlargement or photo resizing

We can take an original digital image and resize or enlarge it to the size required by increasing the pixel count.